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Why did I choose to study at KTH?

When I approached the finish line of my bachelor studies in 2019 it was quite clear for me that I wanted to deepen my academic knowledge and start my master’s right away. I could’ve stayed at my bachelor’s university in Stuttgart as it offered several master’s degrees in the media field as well. So why did I not stay there?

After 3.5 years in the same place, I was ready to get to know another region, country and culture. But where to go? Stay in Germany? Go abroad? There were so many options. I was looking for a more international field, so that I can improve my language skills as well. Since I was living two times abroad before, I liked the idea of going somewhere else and experience a new culture. So I started searching for the right university abroad.

Me after my bachlor’s graduation in Stuttgart

As a student from Germany, you’re used to getting free education which means, you don’t have to pay for your courses when studying at public universities in Germany. As funding is always a big issue, I decided that I wanted to try to find a country, that offers me a free education as well. Therefore, countries like the US, Australia or New Zealand were automatically out of the race. Since Scandinavia has a very good reputation in terms of education, I decided to take a closer look into these countries.

The next obstacle was to find a programme that suits my interests. As I wanted to continue studying media, I found options in Norway and Sweden. However, Norway was mainly offering study subjects related to journalism which doesn’t fit my personal interests. After quite some time of research, I ended up with Sweden being the only country left in the race. From a student who studied at my German university one year above me, I knew that KTH is offering media programmes. So, I started looking at the different master programmes Media Management and Interactive Media Technology. I quickly got the feeling that the Interactive Media Technology programme did not cover all my interests as I wanted to learn more about management as well. Therefore, I decided to go with the application for Media Management.

Arriving at KTH

But of course, the journey wasn’t over here! Many documents for the application had to be prepared. In addition, the application periods in Sweden differ a lot from those in Germany, so I had to start way earlier with applying than all my other friends at home. It was hard to share experiences, as everyone staying in Germany hadn’t even started to think about their master’s applications while I was already deep into CVs, motivational letters and recommendations. Even though it might have been a bit harder during this time, the different application periods of Sweden and Germany gave me assurance as well, as I knew that if I won’t get selected at KTH, I will still have the chance to apply at German universities. This was of course not what I hoped for, but I think it’s always good to have a plan B in case something does not work out 😊 

While I’m writing this, I’m already more than halfway through my studies at KTH with only one period and my thesis left. Even though it has been a time with many ups and downs, I can already tell you that I never regretted applying at KTH and move to Sweden!

I hope you find the right decision for you!
// Maria

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  1. Should we have to submit our IELTS score while applying or is it fine to submit it once we get conditional letter provided we submit the other required documents while applying?

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