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Socialising during Corona times

The corona virus has been in all of our lives for a year now. At the beginning, everyone was willing to sacrifice by staying home, not meeting people and reducing social contacts to make the virus disappear again. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be this easy. After months of trying to be safe and keep others safe, a big problem that appears is that we miss socializing. We miss meeting friends, getting to know new people and just getting around town.

Maybe you’re still thinking if starting your studies in Sweden in the middle of a pandemic is a good thing to do, and if you will be able to find friends. But maybe you’re already a student here at KTH thinking about how to meet people in a safe way. As we all need to live with this still new and crazy situation, here come some tips on how to socialize during Corona times.

Meet people outside

Being outside, the transmission of the virus is reduced. If you want to see your friends after a long time, you could set up a meeting outside! Stockholm’s nature is amazing, even in colder times, you just need to dress according to the weather. You can meet your friends for a walk or a hike or even for a run together. The fresh air will help you to clear your thoughts, it’s healthy for your body and mind and you will be able to talk to some of your friends.

Kanaanbadet, near Vällingby

Create a group that you hang out with

Find some friends who you trust and with whom you’d like to spend time together. These are the people that you will meet more regularly, your own socialising group. You should agree all together that you reduce all other contacts, so that everyone can feel safe when being around each other. But please be aware that a socialising group does not mean that you can’t get infected! However, it helps you to reduce the risk and still meet some friends. If you like, you can also set up some rules about soclising. And then you’re set! With your social group you can do whatever you like: have a cooking night, go on walks, play some board games! The motto is: be creative!

Virtual is the new normal

Many organizations and companies have fully adapted to the online environment by now. Therefore, it’s possible to take part in several events online or you could sign up for an online course in whatever topic you like! And the best thing about the virtual world? You can meet with your friends and family any time online no matter where they’re currently at in the world!

If you would like to know more about Covid-19 and what KTH is doing to reduce the spread, you can check out this page. There is also the great initiative “Stay well TH(I)S winter” by the THS International Reception that creates funny events for everyone who just wants to see some new and old faces and needs to talk to someone.

Stay safe!
// Maria