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Winter walks in and around Stockholm

During winter times, when there is less sunlight outside, it gets harder for me step outside, walk around and get some fresh air. However, it’s so important to stay healthy and that we don’t only sit at home on the couch or in front of our computers! Stockholm has a lot of nice walks to offer that are not only suitable for the summer. Especially when there’s snow, it can be beautiful outside – just make sure to dress according to the weather! Today, I would like to share some of my favorite winter walks in and around Stockholm.


If you don’t know Djugården yet, it is an island in central Stockholm with several museums and Skansen (open-air museum) on it. But this island has more to offer! Did you know that you can walk all around the island? It’s a 7.6 km long walk with good walkways – so a great opportunity to get some fresh air during winter! You start through a blue gate to the left when entering the island and just follow the path that leads all along the coast. On your way back, there will be a point where the walkway leaves the coastline and goes more into the inner island. This will lead you along to Rosendals Trägård which has wonderful roses and other flowers to see during summertime – so it’s basically a must to come back! 😊

Walk around Djurgården (about 7.6 km)

If you don’t want to walk all the way, you can only go until the end of the island and take the tram from Blockhusudden. Another tip is to go until Allmänna gränd and take the short journey to Skeppsholmen via boat (just make sure to check out their opening hours!).

Djugården & the look back to Strandvägen

Gamla stan

If you’re looking for a shorter walk, a tour around Gamla Stan should be good for you! Even though during the current times there are not as many people out and about in Gamla Stan as usual, I recommend going there during the mornings or in the evenings to avoid meeting too many people. You could start you walk for example at Slottskajen. If you go up the hill to the castle, you have a first great view during your tour! Going completely around the island is a walk of approx. 2km. But as Gamla Stan has so many pretty houses and things to see, I definitely recommend deviating from the tour around the island and look into any small streets that you like!

Walk around Gamla Stan (around 2 km)
Streets in Gamla Stan


The third walk I would like to share with you is in Hagaparken, in the north of Stockholm. You can take the bus there I you like and get off somewhere near Hagaparken (e.g. Andersvägen). There will be signs leading you to the entrance of the park. From there you can go straight down to the water and walk along the coastline. If you then turn away from the water, you will pass by Gustav III’s Paviljong. If you continue the route, you will be able to turn left to a viewpoint at point 9 on the map. This is also the chance where you can make the tour smaller, if you wish, by turning right. Otherwise, you can continue the tour through the park and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. The walk is about 4 km long.

Walk in Hagaparken (around 4 km)

I hope those walks will give you some inspiration of where you can talk a nice and relaxing winter walk in Stockholm. And keep in mind: there is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing! 😀

Enjoy the walk(s)!
// Maria