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Have you ever wondered …

It’s quiz time! We thought that it’s time to get you into a weekend puzzle mood. Ivan, our Instagram curator has prepared a quiz about KTH for you in our Instagram story – did you see it already? Before you go on reading, you should check it out and test your knowledge – just click here and go to our story hightlights! For everyone who already took the quiz – how did you do? Did you know all the answers about KTH? Here comes some background knowledge on the questions.

… when KTH was founded?

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology can look back on a long history as it was founded in 1827. Back then, the “Teknologiska Insitutet” was founded and offered education in technological subjects with a strong professional touch. In 1927, KTH received the final academic recognition. KTH has grown significantly over the years with different campuses all over Stockholm. The buildings on the main campus are already host to the university since 1917. Nowadays, it is Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution. If you want to learn more about KTH’s history, check out this page.

… from whom the big lecture hall F1 gets its name?

F1, the big lecture hall on campus is also called Alfvénsalen after KTH’s Nobel Laureate Hannes Alfvén. The KTH professor was awarded one half of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970 for “basic contributions and discoveries in magnetohydrodynamics with fruit-bearing applications in various parts of plasma physics”. Who never wanted to wander on the tracks of a Nobel Laureate? You can read more about Hannes Alfvén here.

… who has recorded a music video in the Reactorhall R1 on campus?

The building R1 on campus was the first nuclear reactor of Sweden. It was active between 1954 and 1970, but the building of the reactor still exists on campus and hosts different events today where you can get the exclusive chance to go underground and see the impressive hall. But as if having an old reactor hall on campus is not sensational enough, in 2016, the English-Norwegian DJ Alan Walker recorded the music video for his song “Faded” (Restrung) in R1. What an honourable guest!

… when the Student’s Union (THS) was founded?

The Student Union (THS) was founded in 1902 at KTH. It is one of Sweden’s oldest Student Unions and has been working for the students’ rights at KTH since the very beginning. Since 1930 the Student Union also has its own building on campus called Nymble. The main purpose of THS is to monitor and contribute to the development of the education and study conditions at KTH. You want to learn more? Check this out!

… in which building we have a memory plate for former president Barack Obama on the toilet?

Speaking of honourable guests: did you know that former president Barack Obama visited campus in 2013? It was an honourable visit for KTH and you can read more about the research president Obama examined here. However, curious is the memory plate that nowadays hangs in one of the toilets in the library stating that Obama has sat down in 2013. How they knew that he had sat down, we’ll probably never know – but you can check out the plate on the Instagram account of the library!

Did you have fun with the quiz? We hope you learned something interesting about KTH today! Let us know in the comments or on Instagram how many of the questions you got right!

Have a great weekend!
// Maria