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Meet the Head of THS International

THS is the student’s union at KTH and contributes to the development of the education and study conditions at KTH. One part of THS is THS International who works for the inclusion of international students in all activities on campus. I have talked to the new Head of THS International Francesco about his job at THS. Normally, Francesco is studying Applied and Computational Mathematics at KTH, but right now, he is taking a break from his studies to work full-time at THS.

What do you do as Head of THS International?

Francesco: I am part of the KL (Kårledning) Management Team of THS, a group of 11 students who take a study break to work full-time within the Union. We are responsible for turning the operational plan set by the Union Council and Board into action. As Head of THS International, I directly oversee three subgroups: THS MAIN, THS Sports and THS International Reception. Additionally, I represent international students interests in front of KTH and the Union.

Francesco to the left and two of the Buddies during the Spring International Reception 2020

Can you say more about the three different organizations THS MAIN, THS Sports, THS International Reception and what they’re about?

Francesco: THS MAIN, which stands for THS MAsters and INternational group, is a subgroup of THS which organizes social events for all students at KTH. THS Sports, as one can imagine from the name, is THS’ own sport association, which organizes tournaments open to all students throughout the year. The THS International Reception finally is a biannual project which welcomes all new international and master students at KTH. It is amongst the biggest projects at THS, and by far the biggest Reception of KTH.

What does a “normal” day look like for you? What are your daily tasks?

Francesco: As I have the economic responsibility for the three aforementioned groups, it’s quite usual that bookkeeping, and accounting is a part of my day. Additionally, I am frequently in meetings with the decision makers of the subgroups to help them and collaborate with them to achieve their goals for the organizations. Email contact with KTH representatives is also quite frequent, as coordination with the university is fundamental for most of our initiatives.

A part of the Project Team of the Fall International Reception 2020

How did you find this job? Have you been involved in any THS organizations before?

Francesco: I was Project Manager for the Fall 2020 THS International Reception, which was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Additionally, I was the treasurer of THS MAIN for one semester. THS International had a strong impact on my life, and this job was the perfect opportunity to continue developing myself and the organizations to give back to THS. At the beginning of period 2 in 2020 the application for the position opened and after an extensive interview with the THS Board I was selected to take over as the Head of THS International and have been working since mid-December 2020.

How can students get involved? And why should they get involved?

Francesco: All three of the groups have different positions with different levels of involvement, so I recommend keeping an eye out on their Facebook pages for announcements or approaching us at one of our events. Getting involved in student organizations is an amazing way to make friends, improve your social skills, build your C.V., and also get some free food along the way. Plus, as an organizer, one can really see how much of an impact giving students an opportunity to socialize has, and I am very proud of what we have achieved and will continue to work for.

Being part in one of the three organizations can also involve cooking food for the team 😃

I hope this interview could give you an insight into what KTH and THS are doing for international students on campus. If you’re interested in the projects, you can check out this website. In addition, if you are currently enrolled at KTH and would like to join one of the organisations, the THS International Reception started to recruit a new project team for the Fall 2021 International Reception.

All the best!
// Maria

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