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Why you should accept your study offer for KTH

One week ago, the admission results for the autumn semester were released. Maybe, you’re one of the lucky people, that have received an offer? Congratulations for being accepted! 🤩 I’m sure many of you have waited for a long time to finally get their results, and probably some of you are already super excited and do not have any doubts about accepting the study offer.

But maybe, you still have some questions in your head? Or you’re just not sure, if KTH, Stockholm and Sweden, is the right thing you should do? If you have nodded during the last questions, don’t worry! You’re in a similar position as I was two years ago. And I’ll tell you today, why you should nevertheless accept your study offer for KTH.

When I got my offer, I was super excited, but also had many doubts in my head, like “What about leaving my friends and family behind?”, “Should I really move to another place, start all over again?”, “Studying a whole programme in another language, will I be able to do this?” and “How am I supposed to find a room/manage the costs/etc.?”. My whole family got more excited than I was to be honest, and no one really understood why I was hesitating to accept the study place. It’s obvious that I left my doubts behind, moved to Stockholm, and I can tell you that I never regretted that decision ever since. How did I come to that conclusion?

“Should I really move to another place, start all over again?”

Yes, you should! In German we have a saying which could translate into “all beginnings are hard”, which in that sense means, if you start something new, it’s gonna be hard anyways, so why not do it in Stockholm then? 😄 In addition, you’re not alone! With you, there will be many many other international students arriving in autumn, being in the same position and need to figure out similar things than you’ll have to do. This is the perfect way to make friends – by helping each other out! Also, KTH will give you guidance along the way, so you’ll be provided with all the information you need.

“Studying the whole program in another language, will I be able to do this?”

Of course, you will! With your application, you had to hand in an English proficiency certificate, and this tells you that you can! Also, the professors at KTH are used to students from all around the world, and they are very happy to explain things to you and to encourage an exchange of ideas and knowledge. In addition, you’ll get used to speaking in another language pretty fast, as this is the way you’ll communicate all day long, with your new friends, at the supermarket and in university.

“How am I supposed to find a room/manage the costs/etc.”?

Living in Stockholm can be quite expensive. However, I’m sure that you have already thought about this before applying for studying at KTH. Now is the time to go back to the point where you might have calculated everything through and remind yourself that you have already figured this part out 💪 I know, that finding a room in a huge city can be difficult. For all of you, who are fee paying students, check out KTH’s webinar on 22nd April 2021 where you’ll get more information on accomodation questions. For all of you, who are non-fee-paying students, start searching for a room already now! We’ll soon write down some tips for you about finding an accommodation. Until then: keep in mind that many other students have succeeded in finding a room already – and so will you!

“What about leaving my friends and family behind”?

I agree, this might be the hardest part. But it will also make you stronger and more independent once you made the step abroad. Don’t be afraid of not finding new friends. KTH and THS are doing all they can to create one big international family 🌍 And trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun being a part of this! Not everyone gets the privilege of getting to know people from all over the world and even less are able to call these people their friends – take the opportunity! It’ll be rewarding!

International students
Me and my friends having a Chinese lunch get-together (before covid-19)

Do you prefer to talk numbers? Then I’ll give you some insights into KTH’s current ranking. In the QS World University Ranking, KTH is on place 98 – this means, you’ll study at a university that’s within the top 100! In the THE (Times Higher Education) ranking, KTH lies within the 201-250 best universities. You want to know more about this? Click here.

I hope this could give you some insights in the struggles I had to cope with when making such an important decision. It’s important that you know, you’re not alone and it’s completely okay to take some time and think it through. But I can also tell you: leave your doubts behind, you won’t regret it!

Good luck with your decision!
// Maria

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