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Exploring Höga Kusten

It’s summer in Sweden! ☀️ Although this can also be rainy sometimes, it also means time for travelling and exploring Stockholm and its surroundings! Last summer, I rented a car with three friends of mine and we drove up north to Höga Kusten. This is a region where I can recommend you to rent a car, especially when you’re a group of friends and can split the costs. It can be helpful as you don’t have to rely on bus schedules and are free to move 🚗

On our way to Höga Kusten we stopped at Hemsö fästning (Hemsö fortress) which had a great strategic significance for the Swedish defence during the cold war. To really see how the bunkers looked and how the people working there lived, it is best to take the guided tour which brings you in the underground facilities. The guided tour is fee-based, but if you’re into Swedish history, it’s worth paying for!

Skuleskogens nationalpark
Skuleskogens nationalpark

During the trip, we have been staying in an Airbnb and started each day with the car to one of the spots we wanted to see. The highlight was definitely our hike through Skuleskogens nationalpark. The park is home to the canyon “Slåttdalsskrevan” which is incredible to look at! You can also hike through the canyon, climb up the stairs and will be able to look down into the canyon. On the day we have been there it was raining sometimes, which meant that everything was quite wet. I have to say that this made hiking a bit more difficult and I definitely recommend you to check the weather forecast before going to the nationalpark. We also passed by many campers, so if you’re up for a night in nature, Skuleskogen might be something for you to look at!

Slåttdalsskrevan in Skuleskogens nationalpark
Me with my camera in Rotsidan
The camera is always by my side – this is in Rotsidan

Another great location is the nature reserve Rotsidan. We have been there the day after our big hike in Skuleskogen which meant that our legs were quite tired, and we actually thought to find some easier streets to walk on. However, that didn’t turn out as planned and we ended up doing another hike – but the beautiful nature was worth it! The region Höga Kusten is great for everyone who wants to experience Swedens nature and is up for an adventure!


At the end, I would like to say Happy Midsummer to everyone who is celebrating today! 🌺

Enjoy the weekend!
// Maria