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Finishing off the thesis ride

What a ride it has been! The past semester, I have been writing my thesis and yesterday, I successfully presented my results! 🤓 Of course, we’re still having online classes and so the presentation was also held digitally. In my programme the presentation is held in front of the examiner and the opponent, who is a fellow student as well as an audience who is interested in the topic.

The presentation started at 10am in the morning and first it was my turn to give insights into my work and what conclusions I have drawn. After this, the opponent took over – this is a system that was actually new to me. The opponent is a fellow student who has read your work beforehand and then has the task to ask questions on the work, the results or any other insights into the topic. These questions took around 10 minutes. After that, my examiner took over, gave comments on my report and asked questions as well. As my topic was “Fairness in AI” and I have been discussing different approaches on responsible AI development in my work, there were quite some questions also coming from the audience. I got a lot of nice feedback on my work and everyone was thankful for giving a great overview on this regulatory topic as many of them haven’t been deeply involved in the area of AI technologies.

Thesis presentation
Presenting my thesis work digitally from home

Now, I have the chance to enhance my work during the next two weeks based on the feedback I got from my examiner. However, to me, yesterday already marked the end of my master studies which is quite emotional. Two years at KTH have passed by sooo quickly! I’m very thankful for all the people I got to know and all the new insights that I got 💪 But this does not mean goodbye yet! I’ll stay in Sweden and Stockholm over the summer to hopefully being able to enjoy the sun and explore new places I haven’t been too!

In front of KTH

If you’re starting your thesis project soon, I can recommend checking out mine and Vivek’s posts on how to find a thesis topic! Even though you might have some time left and are right at the beginning of your summer break, I can only encourage you to start looking into this early enough! Do you have any questions about this? Feel free to leave a comment! 💬

Enjoy the sun!
// Maria