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Free Access to Psychologists for KTH Students

Mental health is immensely important and should be given the priority it needs. Student life can be stressful at times and the special times we are facing currently can stir anxious thoughts about the past and the future. International students could sometimes feel lonely being away from home. At times, the stress of balancing between academics and life can take a toll on the student’s mind. Mental health shouldn’t be neglected and if you are suffering then it is okay to ask for professional help if required.

Considering the importance of student’s mental health, KTH offers all its students, free access to a psychologist. Students can make up to five calls with a psychologist through the platform called Mindler. The coupon code can be found on the monthly student mailer from KTH.

Mindler is a digital healthcare platform that provides mental health support by connecting people to a number of professional psychologists. The platform also offers a number of self-help programs that you can enrol on.

You can find the code on the KTH student monthly mailer. The service is currently extended till 30 August 2021.

My experience with Mindler has been great. The application is in English and it is quite easy to book an appointment. You will also find many psychologists who are comfortable in English as well. Each session would be for 25 minutes and KTH offers five free consultations. You can read about the instructions to book an appointment here.

I hope every student in needs makes use of this opportunity to seek support. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.

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