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The school system at KTH

Before starting my studies at KTH the only terms I knew regarding the school system were semester and break/holidays. However, it turns out that there can be way more! To help you navigate through the jungle of different expressions at KTH here come some explanations 🤓

Terms and periods

A whole study year consists of two terms – autumn and spring term. From other countries you might know the term semester, which refers to the same. The autumn term starts in the end of August and runs until mid-January. The spring term starts directly after and goes until the beginning of June. During the summer, you’ll be free of any courses and can enjoy your break! 🏖️

Both terms are again divided into two periods each. This means, the autumn term consists of period 1 and 2, and the spring term of period 3 and 4. At the end of each period you’ll have a study week, which means that you’ll be free of courses to study, followed by the exam weeks. And yes, you have calculated correctly: this means there are four exam periods in a full study year. But don’t panic! This is actually more relaxed than you might think as it helps you to study continuously.

Exam periods

As I said, you’ll have four exam periods in a whole study year. However, the great thing about these exam periods is that there is also re-exam periods in case that you might fail an exam. This means that failing is not the end of the world, as you’ll be able to retake the exam in the next period. Another great thing that I also already made use of is called “plussning” which means that you can retake an exam and try to get a better grade.

Canvas and Ladok

Two other important terms that you’ll quickly learn about is Canvas and Ladok. Canvas is the learning platform of KTH. Here you’ll have access to your course materials, be able to communicate with your professors and classmates and upload assignments. Ladok is for the more organisational things such as registering for courses and exams. This is also the place where your grades will be published, and you’ll be able to download for example a certificate of registration.

I hope this helps you a bit through the school system jungle at KTH and gives you some impressions on how university life will work 💪 If you have any more questions regards this, feel free to leave a comment!

All the best!
// Maria