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Your Arrival in Stockholm

Sure, it is still a bit time to go until your arrival as a new admitted student in Stockholm and at KTH. But we all know how prepared Germans can be (aka me 😄), and that the Swedes also love to be prepared! This is why I want to share some of my experiences on my Arrival in Stockholm today.

I have to say that until one month before I moved to Sweden, I was still busy with finishing my bachelor’s degree back in Germany. This gave me very little time to prepare or read up on Swedish culture or things to do in Stockholm. After signing my housing contract around the beginning of June 2019, all my plans for Sweden went very silent until just a few weeks before coming here.

Even though you can take care of many organisational things here in Stockholm, some things should be set before you start moving. This is for example:

  • Your accommodation
  • Your health insurance
  • Your phone number
  • Your bank account

For your phone number it is important to check whether you can keep the number from your home country or if you need to get a new SIM card in Sweden. If the latter is the case and you have time, you should already check out some possibilities from home, as it makes it easier and quicker for you to manage this when you arrive in Stockholm. Similar applies to your bank account – make sure whether you can make international transactions and withdrawals or if it is better for you to set up a Swedish bank account.

KTH main campus

When arriving in Stockholm you’ll be able to get your KTH account, your access card and much more either during the Arrival Days or at any time when the KTH Entré is open. Personally, I arrived a few days before the second Arrival Day which gave me some time to settle and get to know my new surroundings. Things you should think about when you arrive in Stockholm:

  • How to get your keys
  • How to get your KTH account and access card
  • If necessary, get an SL card for public transportation
  • And of course: get to know your fellow students! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Most of the things you can organise when being already in Stockholm. However, as classes will start in the end of August which will be pretty straight forward, it might be helpful to tick off some things on your to do list even before arrival. I also found it very helpful to talk to some other students when I arrived to see how they delt with some of the questions or maybe also get some tips on things I haven’t thought about before myself.

In general, there is only one rule: don’t hesitate to ask! Everyone in Sweden and especially at KTH is very friendly and if you ask for help, everyone is eager to solve your problem! If you want to prepare yourself for arrival, check out this week’s webinar about “Arrival and introduction to KTH” on 10th June at 4:00 PM CEST. You’ll be able to talk to staff working with student services, health and academic support and ask all your questions. Feel also free to drop any question you might have in the comments! 💬

Good luck!
// Maria