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Day Trip to Utö

Yesterday we used the great weather in Stockholm to go out in the archipelago – for me it was actually the last time (at least for now) as I’ll be moving back to Germany soon ☹️ For the last trip, my friends and I decided to go to Utö that was known for its iron ore and had nine active mines back in 1624– south of Stockholm.

Utö Spränga
Harbour of Utö Spränga

It takes some time to reach the island, but you can do all of it except for the ferry with your SL card. So we took the Pendeltåg, a bus and then the ferry to get there. You have also the possibility to go from Strömkajen (in central Stockholm) directly to Utö by ferry, however, this takes over three hours. There are two spots where you can get off at Utö. We decided to get off at Spränga and make our way to the other spot (Gruvbrygga) during the day. But first off was lunch! Since we arrived at 12:30pm we thought it might be best to start the trip with having a proper lunch 🥗


After that it was time for a quick swim! The sun was shining the whole day, so we thought it wouldn’t be too cold to go into the water. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite cold – however, all of us were brave and went for a swim! If you also decide to jump into the water, I can recommend you to put on warm clothes later on to heat up again. Or, do it like we did and go straight for a hike across the island 😄 There is a road that leads you through the middle of the island but also a hiking trail along the coastline, which however is a bit more difficult to walk. But, it’s worth the views that you will get!


Coming to Gruvbrygga, we also stopped at the old windmill and the old houses of the Utö miners (Lurgatan). Originally, mainly blacksmiths had lived in the houses. However, once the mines were closed in 1879 the miners moved out and summer guests took over the houses.

Lurgatan Utö
Lurgatan – Utö

At Gruvbrygga, we still had some minutes left. And how better than to finish off the day with a scoop of ice cream before entering the boat again? 🍨 I can say that Utö was one of my favorite islands in the Stockholm archipelago and I’m very happy that I got the chance to go there before leaving.

Have a great week!
// Maria