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Visiting Fotografiska

The Fotografiska Museum of Photography is definitely one of the top places of interest for creative people in Stockholm. This is not a museum for the history of the development of photography in Sweden, as one might think, but a popular gallery displaying the works of the most famous contemporary artists from all over the world. I thought it was very cool and decided to visit it. And it turned out to be the best museum I’ve seen in Stockholm so far.

The exhibitions are beautifully arranged in terms of light and space. They constantly change as new ones appear. In general, one or two batches of new works appear here every month, which are exhibited for 4-5 months. Many of the topics covered are in line with current trends in art and social life. Here you can find both fantastic pictures on the verge of reality and just photos from the real world, but somehow in their own, touching way.

Currently, there are three current exhibitions in the gallery that particularly grabbed my attention. The first one is called “The Pet Show”, and if you’re a pet lover, you will definitely love this one! Back in St. Petersburg, I have two cats, and I miss them very much, so that exhibition reminded me how pets make us sometimes feel, waking up the best qualities in us.

The second current exhibition is called “Nude”, and it is about the beauty of human bodies of all shapes, colours and sizes. I’m a huge supporter of the body-positivity movement, and I really believe it is important to talk about this more openly because all bodies are beautiful, and I loved that the photos presented there embraced that.

The third exhibition is “Between These Folded Walls, Utopia”, created by artist duo Cooper & Gorfer. With the collection, the artists explore and show a group of young women affected by forced migration, trying to build a life in Europe. The artists examine what it means to lose one’s identity. Being new to Sweden myself, I found these stories very touching and took my time to study each story presented, and I just couldn’t help admiring these powerful young women.

The museum is located in its own three-story building on the Stadsgården promenade. The gallery occupies two floors; on the third, there is a cafe and a restaurant with a good view of the Norström and Gamla Stan. In addition, Fotografiska has a performance and seminar area and a shop where you can buy unusual themed souvenirs, photo books and posters. One tip I’d also give is to admire the views from the 3rd-floor restaurant, especially at sunset.

The place is worth a visit if you are interested in photography or art in general. A good idea would be to learn about the current exhibitions before visiting on the museum website. You can spend an hour here, or if you want, take your time and read all the captions and stories about the photo, which could take 3-4 hours, like it was for me.

If you’re interested in photography or just would like to spend a pleasant evening examining the world’s beauty as seen by the most talented photography artists in the world, this place is definitely a must!

// Valerie

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