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Stockholm metro stations hunt

Hi guys! Today is the beginning of a new week, and everyone has to resume work and study. So it is high time to introduce one of the most important things that all Stockholmers need throughout the week: The Stockholm metro (Stockholms tunnelbana in Swedish)

Escalators at the T-Centralen Station (Stockholm Central Station) on the blue line’s platform

You might wonder, what’s unique about the metro? It exists in literally every city. But when it comes to the one in Stockholm, there is something exceptional about it: The Stockholm metro has long been regarded as “the most beautiful metro in the world” Follow my tour today and be ready to make your eyes wide open!

Followed by the beginning of the railway construction in 1941, the operation of the Stockholm metro started in 1950. From the first Slussen-Hökarängen line, the railway network has been extensively expanded, with 100 stations spread across three coloured main lines nowadays. Nearly half of these stations are underground, which has set an ideal platform for the stations to transform into “the world’s longest art gallery”.

The Kungsträdgården Station (King’s Garden Station) matches well to its name!

Following the city’s planning strategies with a high emphasis on artistic and cultural development, more than 90 of the 100 stations mentioned above have been decorated with engravings, installations, paintings, rock formations, sculptures, etc. Thanks to the effort of over 150 different artists, the Stockholm metro stations are no ordinary metro stations, more than that, they are masterpieces that display the dedication and craftsmanship of Swedish culture.

Having been to a few of the most iconic stations, I was so mesmerized by every single one of them, and it would be a difficult choice for me if I had to pick my favourite one since each has its characteristics and charm. The most impressive one for me is the Rådhuset station on the blue line. With the stunning reddish brown bedrock exposed and deliberately unfinished, it feels like you are looking at the original, historic cave back in the old days.

My personal favourite: The Rådhuset station!

Stockholm is gorgeous, without a doubt, featuring all the attractions above ground. Still, there are more treasures awaiting your discovery when you go underground! So that’s it for today. Also, remember to check out Martyna’s A day trip to tranquillity and Lorenzo’s My first week in Stockholm posts for more travel in Stockholm ideas! I wish you guys a fabulous week ahead:)


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