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CATALY(C)ST Youth Advisory Board

Become one of the 5 Youth Advisors to the CATALY(C)ST project

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Published Apr 07, 2021

The ambition of the Youth Advisory Group is to have at a minimum one representative from each project partner represented, representing each one of the participating countries (Island, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). The idea of the establishment of the board is to ensure the youth perspective and voice is represented in the activities and methods that are developed as part of the CATALY(C)ST project. Further, the group will co-lead the establishment of a Nordic CATALY(C)ST Community with the focus on Circular Economy.

What are the benefits of joining?  

  • Be part and help shape a Nordic Sustainable, Circular Network 

  • Join the Student Advisory Board and support the design and implementation of the CE Acceleration Tool Kit

  • Become a Circular Economy Certified Ambassador: learn how to apply tools and methods to bring the CE perspective into your decision/design making process. Receive teaching by some of the leading researchers and experts in the field of Circular Economy.  

  • Connect to industry partners of the network through networking activities, workshops etc. Be part in shaping a sustainable and circular economy culture at your organization, university etc.  

Areas to become engaged:  

Student Advisory Board to CATALY(C)ST: join the group and help us scope and shape the Acceleration Kit. You will together with student representatives from the Nordic partners bring the student/young professional perspective into the project and secure that the CATALY(C)ST tools are of much value to the students. You will contribute with your expertise. Become trained Circular Economy CATALY(C)ST and be able to pass on your knowledge to fellow students/ young professionals, through workshops, boot camps etc. To get an understanding of the Acceleration Kit have a look at the MATChE website, which forms the foundation of the Tool Kit.  

The Advisory Group will have fixed meetings that are on a monthly basis to discuss, reflect and design activities. We will take the first meeting to explore the interest and contribution of the Advisory Board. The first and official meeting with the Student Advisory Board from the participating countries will be in week 17 where in a Workshop we explore joint activities and discuss the currently established method and tool catalogue.  

 Shape & Lead CATALY(C)ST Student Community

 Help to design and establish a Nordic CATALY(C)ST Community with the focus on Circular Economy, become an Ambassadors for the Project and benefit from workshops where you can learn and build your Circular Economy tools and methods. At the end of summer you have the possibility to become a certified CATALY(C)ST and be able to co-facilitate workshops with our industry partners. Help organize action meet-ups that are in synergy with your existing activities at department/university or organization and ensure the sustainable circular economy perspective is spread among your campus/organisation but also among the broader network/society in the Nordics.  

Read more about the CATALY(C)ST project here


  • Who can participate?  All young professionals (aged 20-35years) with an interest and background in sustainability / circular economy.

  • How much would my involvement take? The project is running until DEC 2022, hence there is the opportunity to establish a more long term collaboration. Ideally, you are in your beginning of the Masters, PhD or within the 1-2 years of your first professional employment. 

  • Is the participation voluntarily? Currently, the participation is on a voluntary basis, however, there are many benefits for joining. Ideally, as the NORDIC CATALY(C)ST Youth Advisory Board group we would meet on a monthly basis to design activities, discuss and reflect.   

  • Do I need specific qualifications to join the board? A basic understanding of Sustainable / Circular Concept and engagement in projects or activities with this focus would be desired but not requested.

  • How do I apply? Send an email with a short introduction and CV to latest by April 16, 2021.