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Recruitment period expired: Open position for research assistant - Circular Plastic Economy Project

Application Deadline: 2019-08-15

Published Jul 19, 2019

About the project:

Manufacturing and Metrology Systems (MMS) division at the department of Production Engineering (IIP) focuses on circular economy as one of its key research areas. As a part of the wider circular economy paradigm and based on the principles of the circular economy, the research at MMS aims to rethink the way we make, use, and reuse plastics. Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year making it one of the most wasteful examples of our existing linear, take-make-dispose economy. Therefore, there is a need to explore the potential for a wider shift from a linear to a circular plastic economy and to create a more effective plastics system where plastics never become waste. To address this challenge, the current research project intends to demonstrate how high value products can be created out of plastic wastes from the ocean. The project will address both engineering and business model aspects. The engineering side will cover aspects, such as, finding appropriate methods/processes for 3D printing of ocean plastics and analysis of plastic properties. The business model aspects will cover innovative approaches to generate high value from wastes.

Job description:

You will work as part of larger team and participate in research activities related to the project. You will support with literature review, run experiments, data collection through interviews with relevant stakeholders, data analysis, present results in a scientific manner and report writing. The candidate will be working part time equivalent to maximum 20% of full-time work. Access takes place according to the agreement. It is expected that you will extend your research collaboration in this project into a master’s thesis which can start in spring 2020.


We are looking for a candidate in their final year of M.Sc. degree in Production Engineering or equivalent. The candidate is required to have excellent communication skills in English, both written and spoken. Moreover, you are a good team player and have a strong ability to deliver in your work. Great emphasis will be placed on personal competence and suitability. Preference will be given to candidates with,

  • Experience and knowledge of circular economy and circular manufacturing systems from previous projects
  • Experience in 3D printing
  • Relevant industrial experience
  • Swedish language skills

What we offer:

The candidate will be working with one of the leading research groups on circular economy in Europe with the opportunity to

  • Work on a highly industry relevant research project
  • Learn about key topics within the division’s research areas and develop professional skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods, analytic reasoning, and verbal and written communication, project management, and related areas.

In addition, the position offers hourly compensation as per KTH rules and regulations.

Application process:

Apply for the position by emailing your application (CV and a personal letter) no later than 2019-08-15 to (Sayyed Shoaib-ul-Hasan). As the applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and that it is received before the application deadline.

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