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Sustainability trade-offs in the circular economy: A maturity-based framework

Published Aug 18, 2023

CE@KTH is delighted to invite you to attend the webinar entitled “Sustainability trade-offs in the circular economy: A maturity-based framework” with Dr Enes Unal who is a lecturer in Circular Economy and Innovation at Centre for Design Engineering, Cranfield University. In this webinar, Dr Enes Unal will share their latest research that reveals the pattern of sustainability trade-offs. The theoretical and practical understanding of sustainability implementation has been changing in depth and scope. In particular, circular economy paradigms (e.g., Cradle to Cradle or “C2C” practices) have enabled firms to rethink their resource management behavior, resulting in distinct trade-off patterns among different sustainability dimensions. Furthermore, while many established firms remain reactive and market-oriented in their sustainability implementations, sustainability-rooted firms proactively integrate sustainability practices into their core business.

 Date and time

15 Sep 2023 at 14:00-15:00 CET

Dr Enes Unal will give a presentation for around 45 minutes and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to him.

Registration: Click here to register for the webinar