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Free Tools and Software for Academics

Here you can find software related to our research

  • SpecLTE: COMSOL App for simulation of Side-on Radiation Line Spectra from Non-uniform, Cylindric Arc Plasmas in Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (LTE). Application based on Becerra et al.; Temperature and pressure profiles of an ablation-controlled arc plasma in air, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 52 434003, 2019  . The App can be used to simulate the optical emission spectrum of high-temperature plasmas SpecLTE_version2.0 (zip 2.4 MB)
  • Position-State Separation Method (POSS): An Efficient Semi-Lagrangian Algorithm for Simulation of Corona Discharges. Code described in Liu, L and Becerra, M.; IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., 44, 11, pp. 2822-2831, 2016 and Liu and Becerra, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci., 45, 4, pp. 594-602, 2017 . The Matlab source code that can be used to simulate glow and streamer discharges in air is available in the IEEE code repository
  • S2L: COMSOL App for Simulation of Streamer-to-Leader Transition Using a 1D Thermo-Hydrodynamic Model. It is based on Liu, L and Becerra, M.; Gas heating dynamics during leader inception in long air gaps at atmospheric pressure. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50.34 (2017): 345202 . The App allows simulation of the thermalization of a streamer stem in dry air under the influence of a constant injected current S2L_version1 (zip 6.7 MB)