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Seminar on Resilient Distribution Systems

Time: Thu 2019-03-14 16.00 - 17.00

Location: Teknikringen 33, H1 Seminar room, (level five)

Participating: Professor Chen-Ching Liu, Director,Power and Energy Center at ECE, Virginia Tech

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Recent development of the smart grid significantly enhanced the level of automation in the distribution grids. With high level deployment of remote-controlled switches, distribution feeders can be restored efficiently after power outages. In this presentation, computational algorithms for utilization of smart meters, remote control capabilities, and feeder restoration will be discussed together with their practical implementations. The role of microgrids in distribution system restoration will be evaluated. Traditional techniques, however, are not designed for extreme events in the distribution systems. The same is true for widely adopted reliability indices. New thinking of system design, operation, and metrics will be important for resiliency of future distribution grids.

Registration (by March 11th): Gabriel Miguel Gomes Guerreiro