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Design and qualification of a deployable boom system for small satellites

Masters Thesis Presentation

Time: Fri 2020-12-11 10.15


Lecturer: Danai Katrali

The goal of the Bi-stable Boom Dynamic Deployment (B2D2) experiment is to take precise measurements of Earths magnetic field by means of a self-deploying mechanism. This mechanism will extend 2 meters long, carrying two magnetometers at 1 meter distance from each other. The deployment is enabled by four bi-stable tape springs that provide structural support. The enclosure and structure of such system was developed as part of this thesis. The system was designed according to the needs and limitations of the experiment. In addition, simulations of the loading environment were performed to determine that it will perform successfully without permanent deformation. On the loading environment safety factors were applied to account for uncertainties. Furthermore, to verify the successful deployment of the system, the assembly was manufactured and preparations for a Gravity Off-loading System (GOLS) test were performed.

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