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Expression of Emotion in Voices and Faces

We are very glad to invite you to the Sound and Music Interaction Seminars with Petri Laukka.

Tid: Ti 2022-06-14 kl 15.00

Plats: Room 1440 "Henrik Eriksson", Osquars backe 2, floor 4

Videolänk: Zoom link

Språk: English

Medverkande: Petri Laukka, Stockholm University

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I will present an overview of recent cross-cultural research on non-verbal communication of emotion through the voice. Studies of emotion perception reveal that several emotions can be recognized across cultural divides, and yet individuals perform better when staying within their own cultural boundaries. Turning to emotion expression, I will discuss cultural similarities and differences in expressive style, with a focus on the dialect theory of emotions. I conclude with an outlook on practical implications for our ability to communicate with individuals from all around the world.

Link to Petri Laukka home page at Stockholm University