Sound Design in Our Sound Environment: Soundscape Design, Auralisation and Evaluation in Environmental Acoustics

Tid: To 2018-05-24 kl 15.30 - 16.00

Föreläsare: Damian Murphy Professor of Sound and Music Computing, University of York, UK

Plats: Biblioteket, Floor 4, Lindstedtsvägen 3, KTH,


The soundscape of our environment helps us to better understand the world we live in, and has a direct affect on our health and wellbeing. Auralisation – the audio equivalent of visualisation - is key in developing a better and more creative understanding of how significant changes or infrastructure planning in our urban environment can have an impact on our related environmental soundscape. This presentation gives an overview of how auralisation has been used in the context of recent soundscape case studies at the University of York AudioLab. The complete auralisation chain is presented, from source measurement to soundscape monitoring, through sound propagation modelling using numerical simulation, soundfield rendering and the potential for immersive multimodal presentation.


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