Projects at KTH Live-In Lab

Research and development projects at KTH Live-In Lab can last from a couple of weeks to years depending on the setup. Please contact us if you are interested in a specific project.

Borehole measurement device

Improved Borehole Technology for the Development of Geothermal Heating Systems

Boreholes with fiber optic measuring equipment makes it possible to evaluate thermal performance for boreholes of different lengths within the same borehole field.

USB-C for Energy-Smart Buildings

Ochno is developing a platform for simplified integration of USB C sockets in buildings, measurement of electricity distribution and control of connected devices.

Exterior building

Efficient Kitchen Ventilation with Energy Recovery

KTH and Tovenco develops more efficient ventilation in apartments through a kitchen hood that increases energy recovery.

Modular floor tiles

LIL – Multiple testbeds

The four available testbeds are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to be able to incorporate almost any product or service and make one integrated real-life trial system.

Flowers in a window

Occupant pro-environmental choice and behaviour

The project examines the factors that influence the residents' pro-environmental decisions and behaviors.

graphic showing research strukture

Service layer design for pro-environmental behavior in the built environment

The project aims to use data analysis to design new human-centric services in smart buildings based on the users' needs and experiences.

Katt / cat

Allergen-free Indoor Environments Through Innovative Ventilation Strategies

A project initiated by Karolinska Institutet intended to test how airborne allergen from furred animals can be minimized in indoor environments.

Exterior testbed houses

Comparative Spill-Over And Degradation Effects Of Nudges And Boosts

In a long-term randomized field experiment, two methods are compared which aim to change household energy and consumption behavior.

waterpipes hallway testbed KTH

Sustainability and equality of water and energy systems

The projects long-term aim is to ensure a safe transition toward a low-carbon society, with focus on water, heat and housing, such that we avoid large-scale disruption of these critical services and unintended effects of social injustice.

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