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Plastic Free Week Challenge

Join the Plastic Free Week Challenge! Alumni all over the world will come together to create awareness around plastic pollution during the last week of October through this global challenge. Grab a friend and challenge yourselves to live plastic free for a whole week. This event is organised jointly by SI and Alumni Networks and is open to everyone. 

Time: Mon 2020-10-26

During the last week of October SI and Sweden Alumni Networks all over the globe are taking part in SI’s Plastic Free Week Challenge. Engaging its members and the public to live a plastic free life for a week.

The Plastic Free Week challenges you not consume any disposable plastics for at least a week. It will hopefully make us realise how much plastic we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. The activity will also create awareness about the negative impacts plastic has on the environment. 

Many interesting seminars and events will be arranged both online and physically! Check out the SI calendar  for events. Follow us on Facebook for updates –

Join the challenge! You can join as a network, with a group of friends or as an individual. Are you in? Use the hashtag #PlasticFreeWeekSI  when posting pictures and videos.

Challenge guidelines

What is allowed during the Plastic Free Week:

  • Food that you have purchased prior to the challenge (we don’t want anything to
    go to waste)
  • Some products that literally are impossible to find without plastic wrapped
    around them (toilet paper might be one of them). Share in your forum if you come across such an item. Maybe someone else has found a solution?
  • Hygienic products made of plastic that has an impact on your health (menstrual
    pads for example)

What is not allowed during the challenge:

  • All single-use plastics (straws, cups, utensils, bottles, bags, boxes for takeout
  • Food and other household products with plastic packaging
  • Buying new things made out of plastic (toothbrush for example) OPTIONAL

Be part of creating awareness around plastic use

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Last changed: Oct 12, 2020