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Student led workshop: Learn TikZ – draw figures in LaTeX

Learn how to create figures using the LaTeX package TikZ! Welcome to this workshop led by a student in Teknisk Matematik.

Time: Tue 2024-03-19 17.15 - 18.15

Location: Newton, KTH Library – Registration required

Language: English

Participating: Set Englund Levander, student

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Have you ever drawn a picture for an assignment? Of course, it is an instant improvement; but what if you had to hand in a pdf in LaTeX? Don't tell me you take a photograph of your picture and use \includegraphics? Time to do things for real!

Image made with Tikz

This is a workshop to learn TikZ, a package for LaTeX that enables you to draw pictures. It is suitable both for you who wants to improve your LaTeX documents and for you who has no idea what \includegraphics mean. The workshop will go through some basics of LaTeX, sort of a sequal to the computer introduction course, and thereafter we will learn to draw pictures and program in TikZ!

Bring your own computer to this workshop.

We will offer fika for this workshop! 

Set Englund Levander

Workshop leader

Set Englund Levander, Teknisk Matematik

I am a first year at teknisk matematik at KTH and have used Tikz and LaTeX for over two years now, to write everything from homework to larger papers.