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Generative AI in academic writing and information searching

AI tools can help in your written assignments, but you need to use them with caution. In this webinar for students you will learn more.

Time: Thu 2024-02-15 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Zoom – no registration

Language: English

Participating: Ida Pinho and Pontus Juth – Centre for Academic Writing and Rhetoric and KTH Library

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AI tools can help you in academic writing, information searching, and referencing. Using them unreflected may however also lead to false facts, limited perspectives, and lack of critical thinking in your texts. During this webinar we will discuss how and when it is feasible to use AI tools, and what the problems can be. The questions of plagiarism and cheating will also be discussed. 

The language of the webinar is English but the same webinar is also held in Swedish on 30 January.

No registration needed, just enter Zoom at the appointed time.