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Optimizing Aircraft Descent for Environmentally Sustainable Aviation with Point Merge

The project will contribute to more efficient arrival procedures in the pre-sequencing area and inside TMA. Comprehensive performance evaluation and mathematical optimization frameworks developed in a series of previous and ongoing projects (ODESTA, IFWHEN, TMAKPI, IWA) will support the initiative on modernization and re-organization of Stockholm TMA by LFV and Swedavia within SAARP and SWEA projects. The proposed design with the Point Merge in the pre-sequencing area (high and far from the airport) followed by more efficient Continuous Descent arrivals are expected to drastically reduce the noise level on the ground in the vicinity of the airport, as well as provide significant fuel savings within TMA.

We will evaluate the effect of introducing Point Merge structures in the pre-sequencing TMA area to investigate the pros and cons of the proposed design, to assess the ability of the systems to enable Continuous Descent Operations in terminal area, and to quantify the environmental benefits provided by this solution. Next, we will analyse the typical arrival flows to Stockholm TMA, and suggest the improvements to the initially-sketched configuration of the Point Merge system, which is critical for successful implementation of this technique. To achieve that, we will develop mathematical models for optimized scheduling of aircraft in the pre-sequencing areas, enabling fuel-efficient arrival routes with minimal noise footprint inside TMA; our solutions will provide the stakeholders with flexible decision support tools to decrease environmental impact of arrivals. In addition, we will study the trade-off between the capacity and efficiency of the
Point Merge systems and suggest optimized flexible usage of the structure, testing an innovative idea of dynamic TMA allowing to switch on and off the Point Merge Systems depending on the current traffic demand. 

Project members

Tatiana Polishchuk
Tatiana Polishchuk PI, Assistant Professor, AEAR group, LiU
 Billy  Josefsson
Billy Josefsson Co-PI, Research and Innovation, LFV