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WISE faculty at KTH

The excellent research conducted by WISE's affiliated researchers is the fundamental pillar of the research programme. You can find KTH's faculty, postdoctoral students, and doctoral students involved in WISE on this page.

  Last Name First Name Title Phone
Hamedi Mahiar associate professor
Korenivski Vladislav professor 0707236463
Furo Istvan professor, head of department 087908592
Sebastián Pascual Paula assistant professor
Edström Alexander researcher
Korzhavy Pavel professor 087909193
Norman Patrick professor, head of division 087909631
Canalias Gomez Carlota professor 0701667477
Lagergren Carina professor, head of department 087906507
Glaser Björn associate professor 087908339
Lindwall Greta associate professor 087908325
Olsson Richard associate professor
Samuelsson Bengt Peter researcher
Hedström Peter professor, head of unit 087906217
Weissenrieder Jonas professor 087904133
Borgenstam Annika professor, vice president 087908396
Lindbergh Göran professor, head of division 087908143
Niklaus Frank professor 087909332
Babaev Egor professor 0734615751
Bagheri Shervin professor 087906770
Herland Anna associate professor 087908431
Edlund Ulrica professor 087907634
Vitos Levente professor 087908356
Li Yuanyuan ass. professor, head of div
Rutland Mark professor 087909914