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Stockholm trio objectives 2020-2024

Objectives of the Stockholm trio for the years 2020-2024.

Overarching goal

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the Stockholm trio University Alliance shall take a leading role in the advancement of knowledge and in societal development both nationally and internationally.

Specific objectives

1. We have new joint courses and joint study programmes closely linked to our research environments.


  • Remove administrative obstacles that obstruct the performance of joint courses and joint study programmes.
  • Identify prioritised subject areas for joint courses and joint study programmes.
  • Develop joint courses and joint study programmes, initially at second and third cycles.

2. We develop and deepen research collaborations.


  • Map fields of research for increased collaboration, including interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Identify prioritised fields for new joint research initiatives.

3. We have established collaboration on research infrastructures.


  • Define, map and communicate existing research infrastructures to facilitate further collaboration.
  • Identify prioritised areas for new investments in joint research infrastructures.

4. Our students and staff feel that they belong to one interconnected campus.


  • Pursue the issue of improved communications and public transport between the campus areas.
  • Identify the needs of students and staff for relevant support resources and premises.
  • Make seminars more accessible for students and staff.

5. We have strengthened our ability to attract EU funding and participate in international research collaborations.


  • Continue to develop our representation in Brussels.

6. We are an attractive partner to leading international universities and attract international students and researchers.


  • Identify and establish new joint collaborations with international universities.
  • Jointly enhance the profile of the universities towards international students and researchers.

7. We play an an active role in the long-term development of research, education and innovation, both nationally and regionally.


  • Develop arenas for strategic dialogue with ministries and government agencies, as well as with regional authorities and organisations, the City, the Region and other stakeholders.
  • Identify prioritised areas for joint projects with the Region of Stockholm and the City of Stockholm.

8. We cooperate on support functions for students and staff wherever this provides added value.


  • Identify critical key competencies for closer cooperation.
  • Identify and intensify relevant cooperation within our support organisations.

9. We offer joint initiatives for continuous professional development and learning.


  • Identify opportunities for joint staff training and professional development.
  • Establish collaboration in digitalisation for the development of education, operational support and working processes.
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Last changed: Dec 18, 2023