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The Frequent Flyer Academy: how can we limit plane travel?

Welcome to a KTH Sustainability Pubnight at Restauranglabbet February 20th, 17:00-19:00.

Universities are under pressure to reduce the climate impacts of their operations and air travel is an activity that contributes some of the highest emissions. Academic flying is often justified on the basis that participation in international arenas and travel are important to the production and sharing of new knowledge. But even if that is true, we still need to limit the footprint also of knowledge production. How can that be achieved, what are central arguments and what are the possible consequences?

Time: Thu 2020-02-20 17.00 - 19.00

Location: Restauranglabbet, Valhallavägen 79, STOCKHOLM

Participating: Daniel Pargman KTH, Elina Eriksson KTH, Maria Wolrath Söderberg SH and Nina Wormbs KTH


KTH Sustainability Office

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Join researchers Daniel Pargman KTH, Elina Eriksson KTH, Maria Wolrath Söderberg SH and Nina Wormbs KTH who will discuss their different research projects concerning flying and academia.

Registration: Please register here

Prelimary program

17:00 Pubnight opens

17:30 “Decreased CO2-emissions in flight-intensive organizations: from data to practice”
Daniel Pargman and Elina Eriksson, KTH

18:00 Break

18:15 "Grounded - Beyond Flygskam"
Maria Wolrath Söderbergh SH and Nina Wormbs KTH

18:45 Round off

19:00 Pubnight ends

Registration: Please register here

About KTH Sustainability Pubnights

KTH Sustainability Pubnights at Restauranglabbet  are an opportunity for all who are interested in sustainability to meet in a relaxed form. Each pubnight adresses a different sustainability theme. Say hello, grab a drink and a bite at the bar while you learn more about the latest research within sustainability. All disciplines, expertise and interests linked to sustainability are welcome. 

About Restauranglabbet

Restauranglabbet is a platform for accelerated innovation in sustainable food and food industry. More information about Restauranglabbet here