Here the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found, concerning both the time before and after arrival.

Am I guaranteed a housing offer?

Please check the information under Application Process

When will I know if I receive an housing offer from KTH Accommodation?

Everyone who has applied will receive an answer by the end of June, no matter if we are able to help with housing or not.

Where can I find more information about the different types of housing and locations?

Please check the information under Arriving

How do I pay the rent?

There are several options how to pay the rent, the easiest one being online at the KTH Invoice payment site. You find more information here

I confirmed the housing offer I received by paying the first invoice, but now I changed my mind, can I get the rent back?

No, it's not possible to get the rent back. KTH Accommodation does not charge any deposit, you pay for the first period of your rental agreement once you have been booked to an accommodation. This amount is non-refundable.

Can I pick up the keys during a weekend?

You can pick up the keys Monday - Friday, not on weekends nor holidays and not before the start date of your contract. Extraordinary visiting hours due to holidays will be announced under Contact .

What does the two months’ notification policy in my contract mean?

It means that if you want to end your contract before the original end date, you must notify at least two full calendar months in advance of the new date. For example, if you wish to end your contract to May 31, you must notify KTH Accommodation no later than March 31, by sending an e-mail to accommodation@kth.se .

Can I extend the rental period in my contract or cancel it beforehand?

For cancellation, see the question above. It is sometimes possible to extend the contract, contact KTH Accommodation via e-mail at accommodation@kth.se  to know if it's possible.

Can I sublet my apartment or room?

It is not allowed to sublet the room or apartment you are living in.

Can I state my preference of location in the application?

It is possible to state a preference for the students who are guaranteed to receive a housing offer, however, it is not guaranteed that it will be possible to take it into account.

Can I live close to my friend, or share an apartment with her/him?

You can both state in the application that you would like this, but we cannot guarantee that it can be arranged.

Can I bring my family?

The guarantee is only for the student and does not include spouse and/or children. We have a very limited number of apartments suitable for famiilies, but if you are planning to bring someone you need to state this in the application. For students who are not included in the guarantee (exchange students including double degree students and EU/EEA master students) it's unfortunately not possible to bring spouse and/or children.

Is is possible to change accommodation?

It is not possible to change accommodation. If you receive an offer, that's the only one.

I need to make a fault report, how do I do it?

Fault report

I am expecting a package, but it doesn't fit in my mailbox, where can I pick it up?

Most likely you will have to pick it up at one of the so-called service points. However, KTH Accommodation does not have any information on where this will be, so you will need to contact the delivery company directly.