Accommodation locations on the main Campus

Malvinas Väg

Address: Malvinas väg 14, 16 and 18

Malvinas väg consists of three new buildings, offering single one-room apartments with own kitchen and bathroom. The majority of the apartments are 20 m² with a rent of 6,300 SEK monthly. There are also a few larger rooms for 6,800 and 7,500 SEK monthly. Water, electricity and Internet are included in the rent. The closest subway station is Tekniska Högskolan, a 5-minute walk away. Being located on campus, all the academic facilities such as library and lecture halls are close, as well as the KTH fitness center and the city center is located at a walking distance.


Address: Teknikringen 45, 47, 58A, 60A and 70A

There are several buildings and several types of apartments, single one-room 6,100/ 6,800/7,500 SEK per month, shared two-bedroom 5,500 SEK per person and month, and shared three-bedroom apartments 5,500 SEK per person and month. The two-bedroom apartments are for 2 students and the 3 bedroom apartments houses 3 students. Each have their own bedroom but share kitchen/living space and bathroom. If one of the tenants move out, the staying tenants should expect a new flatmate moving in. This can happen with little or no notice, although the aim is always to inform all parts in advance. Water and electricity are included in the rent, however, Internet is not and must be arranged for by the tenant.
The closest subway station is Tekniska Högskolan.