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To find accommodation on your own

For exchange students and master students from the EU there is unfortunately no guarantee of receiving a housing offer from KTH. Therefore and due to the housing situation in Stockholm, it is a good idea to start looking for private accommodation as soon as possible.

KTH Accommodation does not assist students in finding housing external to KTH, the service of KTH Accommodation consists only of offering housing from the locations we manage.

Housing queues external to KTH

There are several housing queues in Stockholm for students:

SSSB- Stockholm Student Housing Foundation

As stated in the application information, even if you receive an offer of accommodation from KTH, it lasts for a maximum of one academic year. This means that if you are planning to stay as a student for longer, we strongly recommend you to sign up for SSSB as soon as possible. This way you start earning points in the queue and it will be mush easier to find something for the time after your KTH accommodation contract expires. To sign up you need to be a member of a student union, for which you can register once you arrive to KTH. For further inquiries, please contact SSSB directly.

The Stockholm Housing Agency

A housing agency for several types of accommodation, including student housing. The longer you have been a member, the higher the chances of finding accommodation. Being a member has an annual cost. For further inquiries please contact the Stockholm Housing Agency directly.

Private sublets

Please be aware that there are many housing adverts on the internet that are scams, so make sure to check all the information thoroughly and do not pay any deposit or rent in advance

Some alternatives to find private sublets may be:

Akademisk kvart

Akademisk kvart is a web site hosted by SSCO - Stockholm Federation of Student Unions. Akademisk kvart's sole focus is student accommodation, and advertising and interest in the ads is free. All ads are also checked so that the rent levels are reasonable in relation to students' general economy.

THS Student Union housing market

The student union THS has a Facebook group for subleasing among students. Read more and get in contact with THS via their webpage New student .