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The students responsibility before examination with compensatory support

On this page you can read about what you need to do to get access to your support during the examination.


There are different procedures that apply to different types of support. For all compensatory support it is required that you as a student have registered on time for the examination. Some support also requires registration in the web form and some support requires both registration in the web form and an active approval of the examiner.

As a student, it is your responsibility to review the procedures that apply to your support. It is therefore important that you read the information provided in your decision in Nais. If you received your decision from Nais before the year 2020, the information may be old or outdated on your message. If so, contact Funka to get updated information about your support.

The picture shows procedures that apply to access different types of support. The basis for gaining access to all compensatory support is that the student must have registered in time for the examination. Some support requires both registration in time and web form registration and some support requires both registration in time, web form registration and examiner approval.
Procedures for accessing recommended support

Registration for the examination

In order to receive support during the examination, you must always have registered for the examination during the registration period. If you have not registered in time you can write the exam if there is a free seat in the ordinary examination hall, but without compensatory support.

You can only access your recommended support if the examination requiers registration at KTH webpage. If the exam does not have an registration at KTH webpage, Funka will not handle your exam and consequently you will not have access to your recommended support via Funka.

Register in web form

Some of the support needs to be registrered via a web form. The exam administration needs to know what support you want to use for specific examinations (exam, partial exam or re-exam). To announce which support you want to use, you need to fill out a web form.

The following supports needs to be registrered in a web form:

  • Using a computer -when necessary
  • Earplugs
  • Earmuffs
  • Divided examination
  • Spoken question -when necessary (exam questions read or presented by speech synthesizer)
  • Formulary
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary 

If your support is not available to register in the web form, it is not a support that must be register in the web form. Please note that if you have the support "using a computer-always" or "spoken questions-always" do not need to register that support in the web form.

The web form must be submitted no later than the day the application for the examination closes. If the application has not arrived on time, the application will not be handled and you will not have the recommended support that required web form application at the time of the examination.

Register your recommended support in the web form

Approved by examiner

Some support requires approval from the examiner. Visit the course in Canvas to know which support the examiner has approved for the course. If there is no decision in Canvas about support for your course, talk to your examiner as soon as possible to get approval, but no later than 16 working days into the course.

The examiner can refuse the support that Funka has recommended if they are not in line with the intended learning outcomes of the course.

Contact Funka

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Phone number: 08-790 75 00

Phone hours: monday-thursday 09:00-10:00

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