SUN-study: Student's Mental Health in Focus

KTH participates in large study on mental health and pain among university students

Picture of SUN-study logotype

Sophiahemmet University and Karolinska Institutet are now carrying out a scientific study following 5000 students at full-year programs, who are invited to answer five web-surveys during one year. Together we can find out what is important for sustainable health during university studies.

The study will generate knowledge about mental health and different risk factors, knowledge valuable to improve study environment and mental health for students at KTH.

Up until mid-October, all undergraduate program students at KTH with at least one year left of their education will be able to sign up for the study. An invitation to participate will be sent by email to all students concerned.

Read more about the SUN-study  or follow the study on Instagram: SUN_studien

Together for a sustainable university life!