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Student support and student life

As a KTH student you have access to various types of support and services that aim to help you during your studies.

Help to study more effectively

Take part in films, tips, lectures and tools or contact your program study advisor to find a study technique that suits you.

Support for your health

Studying abroad may require major adjustments to your life. It involves moving away from friends and family, getting acquinted with a new study environment and new class mates.

General questions about KTH

At KTH Entré, you can get help with general and practical questions about KTH and campus, e.g. guidance and contact information, registration and study certificate, access card, KTH account and other IT support.

Learn about living in Sweden

As an international student you not only have to adjust to a new study environment, but also learn how the Swedish society works, such as the health care, insurance,- and banking system.

Study places, books and electronic resources

At the library you can find study places, books and electronic resources. The library also offers supervision, teaching, open lectures and exhibitions.

Finding accommodation

KTH Accommodation is a service to international students, assisting them in finding accommodation for their first academic year at KTH. 

Your rights and obligations

Get information about the most important rights and obligations as a student so that you know what applies during your studies.

Get to know the Student Union (THS)

The Student Union has a lot to offer if you want to explore the student life at KTH. As a member you can join a chapter and participate in THS different activities. The union bookstore and restaurant Nymble are found in the union building.

The Student Union (THS)