Student support and student life

As a KTH-student you have access to various types of support and services that aim to help you during your studies. You may need help in improving your study skills, want to talk to someone about your study situation or want to know how the Swedish health care system works. Here we have listed some of the support and services that are available.

Improve your study results
The studies at KTH can be demanding and require a high study pace. Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers seminars on study skills, academic writing, reference management and more. Support provided by the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Students with a documented, permanent disability of at least 6 months can get compensatory support in their studies. Compensatory support available at KTH .

Rights and responsibilities
KTH is governed by the same laws and regulations that apply to all universities and university colleges in Sweden. Laws, rules and regulations that apply to you as a student .

Equal treatment, gender and diversity
KTH has established zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and abusive discrimination. Where to turn if you have been exposed to such behaviour. 

Living in Sweden
As an international student you not only have to adjust to a new study environment, but also learn how the Swedish society works, such as the health care, insurance,- and banking system. Information about health care, insurance, banking and more.

At KTH Library you have access to the material you will need for your studies. You can also book group rooms and individual tutorials to get help with information retrieval, reference management, etc. Support provided at KTH Library.

Study counselling
During your studies at KTH you may have questions regarding your programme, want to discuss your study situation or need help in choosing courses. If this is the case, you can turn to your master coordinator for help. If you for some reason want to talk about your situation with someone who is not connected to your program, you can turn to the study counsellors at central level.

Student health
Studying abroad may require major adjustments to your life. You not only move away from friends and family, but also have to adjust to a new learning environment. Some may experience a culture shock and feel the urge to talk to someone about this. Others may not experience a culture shock but need help to navigate to build a new, yet temporary, life in Sweden. Student health and recreational support available at KTH.