Influence your education

All students in higher education have the right to influence their education and study situation. As a student, it is important to know what options you have.

If all students and teachers contribute, interaction and education will improve. In addition, it is developmental to have an influence on one’s education, and by becoming involved in making improvements, it provides you with new insights and a greater understanding of what you are studying.  There are three main ways to influence your education:

Course evaluations

According to Swedish law, a student has the right to influence a course via course evaluations.  The President has decided that all teachers must conduct a course evaluation in which the views of the students will be included. By law, the university must report on the changes that have been made during the course resulting from the course evaluations.

Course evaluations vary between courses and programmes. They often involve the use of a questionnaire, in paper format or on the course’s website, where you submit your points of view. It is important that the criticism of course evaluations is constructive. Often, one of the members of the student union (THS) acts as a representative when carrying out the work related to a course evaluation.

Own influence

There is a lot that you can do to influence your education. If you would like to talk about your studies with someone who is always on your side and who has an obligation of professional secrecy, the most important thing you can do is to acquire the help of the study counsellor assigned to your educational programme.. A study counsellor has a professional qualification in interview methodology and will be able to help you by steering you in the right direction at KTH with regard to various issues that are pertinent to your studies and your health.  The student counsellor can also provide support when you are planning your studies. Student counselling is a statutory entitlement. A very effective way of influencing your situation yourself is to have regular discussions with your teacher and provide direct feedback about the lesson.  It is also a good idea to talk to the programme coordinator.


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Organised influence – THS, the student union

There are many students and many minds at a large university. To have an impact on larger issues affecting more than

one student an organisation is required – a student union. According to Swedish law, all universities and university colleges must have a student union.

The student union is a non-profit organisation representing the students at the university. Only the student union has the right to represent the students and elect student representatives.

KTH’s student union is called Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS), which incorporates THS utbildning (education), which consists of 

all students who are involved in educational matters. They work with the students and listen to their views and opinions about the educational programmes at all levels at KTH. If you would like to become involved and have an influence on your educational programme, contact studienämnden (the Study Committee) in your section or the THS heads. Read more at the THS homepage.

The Higher Education Ordinance [Swedish]

The student Union