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The conference takes place at the Ersta conference centre in central Stockholm.

The Ersta conference centre is located on the beautiful and historical neighbourhood of Södermalm, often shortened to Söder, a district and island in central Stockholm.

Ersta conference centre

The Ersta conference centre is located in modernly equipped historical premises. The premises in the large deaconess house, which dates from 1896, were used for meetings, training and socialising by the deaconesses and students of the time.

Ersta is a very popular meeting place, thanks to its fantastic views and historical buildings. It offers a stunning view of Stockholm's inlet. 

Address: Erstagatan 1K, 116 28 Stockholm

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About Ersta conference

About Södermalm

The district is first mentioned in a letter from 1288.

One of Söder's cobblestoned streets. Photo by Robert Eklund.

Until the early 17th century, Södermalm was mainly a rural agricultural area. Its first urban areas were planned and built in the mid-17th century, comprising a mixture of working-class housing, such as the little red cottages of which a few can still be seen in northeastern Södermalm and the summer houses and pavilions of wealthier families.

In the 18th century, the working-class cottages were replaced by the large buildings still present today. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that urbanisation grasped the entire width of Södermalm, and even today, parts of Södermalm have a rural feeling to them.

Södermalm was once known as the "slum" area of Stockholm. However, today, it is known as the home of bohemian, alternative culture and a broad range of cultural amenities. Thus what was once a working-class district is now somewhat a district of the privileged.