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"Memorials Contested and Resisted" - Professor Karen A. Franck

Organized by The Centre for the Future of Places, the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson foundation

"Memorials Contested and Resisted" by Professor Karen A. Franck, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Karen A. Franck is a professor in the College of Architecture and Design at the New Jersey
Institute of Technology where she also serves as Director of the Joint PhD Program in Urban Systems and Coordinator of the Urban Environment Track. She has a PhD in environmental psychology from the City University of New York.

Over the years Karen has written about a wide range of topics in architecture: alternative
housing in New Households, New Housing; designing for human needs in Architecture from the Inside Out; designing with the client in Design through Dialogue; the meanings and uses of types in architecture and design in Ordering Space; possibility and diversity in urban public life in Loose Space; and relationships between food, architecture and the city in two issues of the journal Architectural Design (AD). Her most recent book is Memorials as Spaces of Engagement: Design, Use and Meaning.

Belongs to: Centre for the Future of Places
Last changed: Aug 06, 2019