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  • SCORe: Using Sonification to COmmunicate public health Risks

    Can we effectively communicate the risks of excessive alcohol consumption, to improve young people's health, though interactive media?

  • Haptics and Sonification

  • Sweet-sounding Shop Goods

    A general and applicable method for an improved working environment and fewer thefts in retail.

  • Sonification of Goods in Stores

    A pilot study on theft prevention in retail through sound and music. The project is a collaboration between KTH, Institute of Retail Economics, Soundmark and Lidbo Music.


    Robust Non-Verbal Expression in Virtual Agents and Humanoid Robots: New Methods for Augmenting Stylized Gestures with Sound

  • Sound and Music Computing

    Our vision is to leverage sound and music to understand and improve human communication and interaction, making them a natural part of everyday technology.