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FFF Seminar: The Things I do: Post-interaction and related things

Time: Fri 2021-01-15 13.00

Location: Zoom

Participating: Rob Comber

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“The Things I do: Post-interaction and related things”

In this talk I will grapple with how I am trying to think three disparate projects together through thinking in things, often through the simple question ‘what is this thing?’. The three projects involved deal in and with waste, peace and (post)colonialism. First, through the things that constitute waste and waste management such as cardboard boxes, rubble, websites and legal proceedings. Second, the things of social media, data analytics platforms, search queries, and a nation and its people. Finally, they are glass plate negatives, electricity, a torch, and sorting algorithms. Together these things relate to me a contested responsibility of wasted things, a collapse of meaning in computed things, and an inescapable embedding of histories in curated things. Underpinning my inquiry is a questioning on the relational perspectives on human-computer interaction in the frame of post-interaction computing.