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FFF Seminar: Yo-Yo Machines

Our next FFF Seminar is on Friday 12th of February, where Bill Gaver will introduce us to Yo-Yo machines, developed to explore emotional communication during the pandemic.

Time: Fri 2021-02-12 13.00

Location: Online

Participating: Bill Gaver

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"Yo-Yo Machines"

Bill Gaver - Goldsmiths University of London Interaction Research Studio

Yo–Yo Machines are simple, expressive communication devices that we designed for people to make themselves to stay connected during the pandemic. We have produced ten versions of four basic designs over the course of a 6-month project, using light, movement and sound to let people send expressive messages to one another. In this talk, I present the devices and discuss how they draw on research from the last twenty-five years, from work on mediaspaces in the 90’s, to explorations of emotional communication the early 2000’s, to investigations of how to circulate research products more widely that we’ve been pursuing since 2013. Yo–Yo Machines not only build on a long history, but they suggest possiblities for research in our post-pandemic world. Best of all, though, they’re a really simple, enjoyable way to feel connected to friends and family during the lockdown.