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Food as a Force for Change: Collaboratively Embodying Systemic Transformation Across Scales, Cultures and Imaginaries

Time: Fri 2024-03-08 13.00

Location: KTH campus in 4618

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Participating: Danielle Wilde

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People typically experience the world at the scale of the body, the family, the community and the city. However, life as we know it unfolds at radically different, interdependent scales, ranging from the microscopic to the planetary. Danielle will present a number of research projects and ideas to unpack how they think and work with others to link critical planetary-scale sustainability advice and diverse knowledge systems with meaningful situated action. For more about Danielle’s work, see:

Join us in welcoming our wonderful speaker:

Danielle Wilde is professor in Design for Sustainability at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, in the Swedish Arctic; and professor in Sustainability Transitions, Department of Business and Sustainability, at SDU in Denmark. Their research across these locations concerns critical, collaborative, embodied engagement with the challenges of sustainability transition. Their approach is at once systemic and situated, radically transdisciplinary, and leverages food as a force for transformative change-making and multi-species concern.

Video recording of the seminar is available here .