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Available Thesis Project

In Sound and Music Computing a large number of possibilities exist for students to do their thesis work

Here is the list of available supervisors and their project title. Follow the links to read more about the proposed projects.

Roberto Bresin [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Sonification of information in social media
  2. A cheap device for sonic and visual navigation in a 3D virtual environment
  3. Sonic dress for humanoid robots
  4. The sound of smell
  5. Color display of emotions in music
  6. Design of the soundscape of everyday activities and social media data
  7. The soundscape of the future

Kjetil Falkenberg [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Voice sketching, synthesis and musical notation of DJ scratching
  2. Web audio game design for hearing impaired
  3. Design-for-all and the one-button musical instrument
  4. Sonification against loss prevention in retail industry
  5. Ambidexterity and interaction proficiency among musicians

Sandra Pauletto [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Lights off! - Sonic interaction design to support energy efficiency
  2. Whispering air - sonic interaction design for an air pollution portable sensor
  3. The Climate Change music box: understanding science to take action
  4. Emotions in sound design: exploring how context affects the perception of emotions in
    knocking sounds
  5. Listening to the archive: bringing to life a meteorological journal by John Hough (1757-1825) through sonification, visuals and interaction
  6. The Sverige Radio Sound Studio: developing novel digital sound design tools through the modelling of historical sound effects

Rod Selfridge [ Click here for more details ]

  1. The Virtual Space of Emotions
  2. Thunder Pepper Mill

Olof Misgeld [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Visualising music and dance interactions

Adrian Latupeirissa [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Sonic dress for humanoid robots
  2. Exploring the use of non-verbal sound in Human-Robot Interaction

Torbjörn Gulz [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Using single tracks of double bass in a jazz-ensemble-recording to improve the estimation of the beat and use the measured positions in a score-notation of the performance

Derek Holzer [ Click here for more details ]

  1. Historically Informed Sound Synthesis