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How meaningful is Swedish research?

​Weak performance and a skewed distribution of Swedish professors' societal impact, according to a recent study. Listen as Fredrik Sjöholm debates the topic with KTH's Deputy President Mikael Lindström.

Time: Wed 2023-12-06 15.00 - 16.00

Location: Plattan, Lindstedsvägen 30

Language: Swedish

Participating: Fredrik Sjöholm, Mikael Lindström

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Fredrik Sjöholm
Fredrik Sjöholm

Professors Fredrik Sjöholm and Mats Alvesson who were recently seen in Swedish newspaper "DN debate" with the debate article " Economics professors do not justify their salary " has published a study on the skewed distribution of Swedish professors "benefit to society", which can include both research and the third task.

The study has received a lot of attention with both praise and criticism, even among KTH staff, despite the fact that KTH is not included in the study. But the question is of course relevant to the entire academic environment. You can read the study at .

On 6 December, Fredrik Sjöholm discusses the study at INDEK Debate together with KTH's Deputy President Mikael Lindström.