Energy Systems for buildings and cities: challenges and opportunities

Tid: To 2018-06-21 kl 10.15

Föreläsare: Hatef Madani

Plats: Sal M311 (Brinellsalen), Brinellvägen 68,

” We are facing a paradigm shift in energy systems for buildings and cities characterized by

  • a growing penetration of intermittent and decentralized renewable electricity
  • emergence of millions of households acting as local producers and consumers (prosumers) of the energy,
  • non-linear dynamic interaction of several systems which are designed, dimensioned, and controlled at the local level, without a central coordination
  • fast growing flood of poor quality data from every system in the building, again collected at the local level without any management/coordination.
  • Increased electrification in all the energy sectors, from transport to building heating and cooling which challenge the traditional management of electric power systems.
  • introduction of many Building Management Systems (BMS) designed and imposed by different stakeholders with conflicting objectives

In this lecture, we give a few examples of the challenges and opportunities when we are dealing with this paradigm shift and the ever-growing complexity associated to that.

Tillhör: Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)
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