School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Our core knowledge areas include industrial design and innovation, product and production development, materials development, micro and nano technology as well as industrial economics, organisation and management.

Introduction to the ITM School

Activities cover the engineering, technological and economic knowledge necessary to be able to develop new products, material and production processes in a sustainable fashion as concerns technical management, financial profitability and the environment.

Our research areas

News from the ITM School


A new research center

Starting this year, Center for Mechanics and Materials Design (MMD) will bring together Solid Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering. The center belongs to ITM but operates at both the ITM school and the SCI school.

Product image scales

Student work online

A vacuum cleaner that takes very little space, a harness for figure skaters and a ladder for stairs - these are some of the student projects at this year's "Kexpo", an exhibition that this year will go - surprise - digital!


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