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School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Our core knowledge areas include industrial design and innovation, product and production development, materials development, energy technology, learning in engineering sciences as well as industrial economics, organisation and management. Our efforts are directed towards a green and sustainable society for the future.


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IRIS – interdisciplinarity for a new industrial society

IRIS shows the way in the ITM school's mission to lead the transition towards zero-emission adaptable industries. Product and service designs, new materials and business models, sustainable energy systems, recycling and remanufacturing characterizes the resarch. 

Latest news

Visors in different sizes
Researchers at KTH suggest a new post-processing method for visors, enabled by closed-loop controlled 4D printing that further can shape the printed visor to any size.

Adjustable visors with 4D printing method

3D printed protective visors are often uncomfortable for the user. With a new printing method – closed loop controlled 4D printing – the visors can be shaped to any customized size to make them more c...

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Group photo of Frank Jiang, Elisa Bin, and Mustafa Al-Janabi.
Elisa Bin, Frank Jiang and Mustafa Al-Janabi, founders of ABConnect.

Research from ITRL on IVA’s 100-list

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) recently presented its 100-list with research projects that are expected to contribute to society and business. One of the people included is Fr...

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A coin, a corona virus and a detail of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and inorganic surfaces.
Quantum mechanical modeling predicts strong interactions between glucosides of the tip of the S1 subunit of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and inorganic surfaces. These interactions depend largely on the type of surface and on the presence of surface bound water.

Unexpected bonds between covid and inorganic surfaces

By using quantum mechanical modeling KTH has revealed how the covid virus interacts with inorganic surfaces. And the virus reacts a little bit different than expected.

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