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Competence centres at ITM

At the ITM school's eleven competence centres, research is conducted in new areas. The centres are based on close collaboration between KTH and partners from society and industry, and consist of long-term collaborations on common challenges and research issues.

KTH's centres in short

Virtually all competence centres are established on the basis of a scientific, industrial or societal need. The centres' long-term collaborations take many different forms. Partners from industry and society promote coordination and knowledge exchange, results from various projects build knowledge banks, and training is designed in collaborations with industry.

Competence centres (in alphabetical order)

Sparks and drill

Design & Management of Manufacturing Systems (DMMS)

DMMS is a center of excellence in the field product development with a focus on production. In close collaboration with its partners Scania, Sandvik, Swerea IVF and Chalmers MCR, they spread competence within areas like advanced component manufacturing, methodology and digital production support.

DMMS website


Two researchers in a car

Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)

ITRL is a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder arena. Our mission is to explore sustainable mobility solutions that greatly reduce CO2 emissions and are economically viable and socially accepted.

Read more about ITRL: Testing the transport system of the future

ITRL website


Sladdar och elektronik

Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems (ICES)

ICES involves members from several KTH schools working closely with a wide range of industrial partners. The aim is to tackle the issues faced by those researching and working in the increasingly complex field of embedded systems today.

ICES website



KTH Live-In Lab

The platform of testbeds are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. It is designed so as to be able to incorporate almost any product or service imaginable, and together with other solutions make one integrated real-life trial system.

KTH Live-In Lab website


Foto av Jonas Thorén.

Lean Center

Competence center with a focus on management and systematic improvement of work processes and organizations. Lean Center is a link between research, business and the public sector, and offers education, seminars and qualified coaching.

Lean Centre website (Swedish)


Centre-like initiatives within ITM

Power grid

Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society (IRIS)

IRIS aims to create strong research environments in the field of sustainability for industry and society. The initiative will also contribute to and stimulate new collaborations in the field, both within and outside the ITM school.

Prototype Center

KTH's Prototype Center is available for researchers and companies who want to test their ideas through developing prototypes. The ambition is to make the distance between idea and realized prototype as short as possible and help businesses get started quickly.


House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus)

Activities at Vetenskapens Hus are mainly aimed at students and teachers in primary and secondary school. These activities include short lectures and hands-on experiments with modern research equipment in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology.