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Centers at ITM

Many of the school´s centers conduct research addressing newer subject areas. Others focus on research infrastructure, co-operation initiatives or project management. All our centers have close connections with industry, agencys or other universities.

Competence centers

Competence centers are established by the KTH President and focus on new well-defined research areas. In most cases they have their own board, with representatives from trade, business and society. Some centers are connected to one of their school´s departments, but still conduct their own research. Others are autonomous units directly subordinate to the KTH President.

Detail of metallic item with a spiral pattern.

Center for Mechanics and Materials (MMD)

The Center brings together the two disciplines Mechanics and Materials Science in order to speed up the processes for producing better materials. The long-term goal is a renewed and strengthened education at the basic, advanced and research levels in the field.

P212 first diffraction rays

Center for X-rays in Swedish materials science (CeXS )

CeXS is engaging material science researchers in the opportunities of using high-energy x-rays, and aim to strengthen international collaborations in the field.

Kvinna som arbetar med instrument

Competence Center for Gas Exchange (CCGEx)

CCGEx focuses on research regarding gas management in modern internal combustion engines for vehicles. The aim is to make engines more effective and environment-friendly and decrease fuel consumption without losing performance.

Design & Management of Manufacturing Systems (DMMS)

DMMS is a center of excellence in the field product development with a focus on production. In close collaboration with its partners Scania, Sandvik, Swerea IVF and Chalmers MCR, they spread competence within areas like advanced component manufacturing, methodology and digital production support.

Hero-m 2i

The research spans from materials that are industrially relevant today and have a potential for improvement as well as materials that are expected to become important in the near future.

Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL)

ITRL is a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder arena. Our mission is to explore sustainable mobility solutions that greatly reduce CO2 emissions and are economically viable and socially accepted.

Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems (ICES)

ICES involves members from several KTH schools working closely with a wide range of industrial partners. The aim is to tackle the issues faced by those researching and working in the increasingly complex field of embedded systems today.

KTH Live-In Lab

The KTH Live-In Lab platform of multiple testbeds can handle many different potential products and services, both separately and combined in a real system.

Photo by: Jonas Thorén.

Lean Center

Competence center with a focus on management and systematic improvement of work processes and organizations. Lean Center is a link between research, business and the public sector, and offers education, seminars and qualified coaching.

Truck that is plugged into charging outlet.

Powertrain Manufacturing for Heavy Vehicles Application Lab (PMH)

A research center run in collaboration with the German research organization Fraunhofer. Their mission is to improve the technology of powertrain production for heavy vehicles on high technology readiness levels, and spread the knowledge.

Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications (TECoSA)

TECoSA is a Vinnova center with 13 industrial partners. Its aim is to provide safe and secure edge computing technology. Edge computing is a new computer level located between the devices/embedded systems and the cloud, on the “edge of the cloud”

Other centers and center-like initiatives within ITM

Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society (IRIS)

The goal of IRIS is to create strong research environments at the ITM school, and to stimulate new collaborations within and outside the school. IRIS represents a unique opportunity to establish the school at the forefront in research on sustainable industry and society.

Prototype Center

KTH Prototype Center is the best and easiest way to test out your idea. Our goal is to make the jump from idea to realized prototype as short as possible and to help businesses get going quickly.

House of Science (Vetenskapens Hus)

Our activities are mainly aimed at students and teachers in primary and secondary school. We offer short lectures and hands-on experiments with modern research equipment in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology. We welcome our visitors in laboratories at AlbaNova University Center and in the House of Nature in the The Bergius Botanical Garden in Stockholm. 

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