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Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society (IRIS)

IRIS is an initiative for enabling researchers to work together, across departments at the ITM school, on joint research projects. With the holistic interdisciplinary perspective, the aim is to enhance the impact of KTH's research for more a sustainable industry and society.


Interdisciplinarity for a new industrial society

IRIS is an overall school initiative that enables researchers to work collaboratively across departments at the ITM school, and on joint research projects. With a holistic interdisciplinary perspective, we aim to enhance the impact of our research for more a sustainable industry and society.

IRIS news and blog

person in industrial context
Photo: ThisisEngineering, Unsplash.

PhD winter school on Technology and Management for Sustainable Energy Transitions

An interdisciplinary course package is launched at KTH in march 2023, designed to make doctoral students better equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities that drive transformations of energy s...

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3D printed heat exchanger
The 3D printed heat exchanger prototype

Loop of energy can save costs in industry

KTH researchers from different disciplines join forces to create a sustainable loop from electricity to waste heat, and back to electricity. This saves operating costs for energy-intensive industries ...

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Dr Veena Singh (MSE) and Fabio Monetti (IIP)
Dr Veena Singh (MSE) and Fabio Marco Monetti (IIP) discussing experiences of battery production while the performance of batteries are being tested over 1000s of charging and discharging cycles.

Research for recharge-able button batteries that substitute lithium with non-toxic materials

ITM's Material Science and Engineering and Production Engineering departments have combined forces to concurrently research battery materials and battery production processes. The aim is to optimise ...

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Research areas

Image: Conny Schneider, Unsplash.

Area 1: Industrial Transformation through sustainable digitalization

Assessing the strategic and operational considerations in the next generation digitalisation with a focus on competitiveness via circular/shared economies.

Area 3: Sustainable Energy Systems – Technology and Business Perspectives

Researching on technologies for a carbon-neutral vision while simultaneously assessing how firms, industries and countries are working are working in practice make transitions in their energy mix.