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Dr Veena Singh (MSE) and Fabio Monetti (IIP)
Dr Veena Singh (MSE) and Fabio Marco Monetti (IIP) discussing experiences of battery production while the performance of batteries are being tested over 1000s of charging and discharging cycles.

Research for recharge-able button batteries that substitute lithium with non-toxic materials

ITM's Material Science and Engineering and Production Engineering departments have combined forces to concurrently research battery materials and battery production processes. The aim is to optimise ...

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IRIS have activities in four different areas.

New spark in IRIS at half term

ITM’s flagship project IRIS has reached half term. Has the ambition to create strong multi-disciplinary research environments on “sustainable industry and society” and stimulate new collaborations sur...

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Woman looking at the stock in front of computer.

Crowdfunded women better at reaching funding goals

Backed up by women, female entrepreneurs at crowdfunding platforms reach their funding goals more often than men. Hadar Gafni at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management has mapped the ge...

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Last changed: Mar 08, 2022